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Summer 2020- Food Service Options

Food Service
Several meal/snack options are available for groups on campus during the summer.  All food serviced on campus must be prepared and/or provided by the University’s food service provider (Chartwells).  Chartwells is committed to providing quality food products served in clean and pleasant facilities. 

Dining Hall
These “all you care to eat” facilities offer a variety of food and beverage options which are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The rotating menu cycle allows for repeat meal times without repeating meals while still maintaining a fixed cost.  The dining hall is a common use space utilized by various groups which may result in a ‘shared space’ event.  Group’s dining times will be pre-assigned by the Conference, Reservations and Event Services (CRES) department who will make every effort to work with the group’s schedule and special requests.   Groups must arrive at the designated dining hall location during their appointed timeframe.  The University reserves the right to change the location of the meal if the group’s final guarantee number is lower than contracted or if other factors impact the usage of the facility.  The group will be notified by CRES of the new location.  All youth attendees must be accompanied by the group’s adult chaperones.

Final guarantees for all meals are due 3 business days prior to the first meal.  These guarantees will be the minimum charge for each meal and will be billed at the “group” rate associated with the guarantee number.  Group must appoint a staff member that will be at the dining hall for each meal.  This person would be responsible for verifying the attendance count with the dining manager during each meal.  CRES will not be able to adjust the confirmed attendance count after the meal period has ended.  The group will be charged the guaranteed number or the actual number of attendees, whichever is higher.  In the event that the actual number of attendees should exceed the guarantee by more than 5%, the group will be billed an “overage” rate for those additional attendees.  Although the dining hall cannot guarantee dining space for attendance beyond the guarantee, every effort will be made by the dining hall to provide a meal for all guests.  This may result in delayed service or an alternative location/meal. 


Group Rate (per person per meal)

Overage Rate

0-100 people

101-200 people

201+ people





$7.74 per person per meal





$10.12 per person per meal





$11.37 per person per meal

  • Additional 10% discount would apply for days comprising of all 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Rates include 8.25% tax
  • For Non-Affiliated Groups – Administrative Fee will be added to all of the above rates.

Retail Dining
Several retail dining facilities are available on campus during the summer.  The selected retail locations and hours of operation are confirmed by the end of the University’s spring academic semester (mid-May) for that calendar year and may be subject to adjustment due to campus requirements.

Cash or pre-purchased meal cards are accepted at these facilities.  If the group elects to purchase meal cards for their attendees, the amount of money placed on each cards will be pre-determined by the group.   Payment is required prior to issuance of the meal cards.  When calculating meal card balances, please remember that these cards may be subject to state taxes and applicable administrative fee.  Based upon special circumstances and arrangements, meal cards may be used for payment in the dining halls.  Group would be charged $5.00 per meal card for any refund of the remaining balance.  Group is responsible to notify CRES immediately if any meal cards are lost or misplaced.  The replacement cost for any lost cards would be $5.00 per meal card.

Catering is intended for special events and/or events held outside the hours of operations of the dining hall facilities.  CRES will guide the group through the entire process from initial menu discussion to final presentation.  The University’s food service provider (Chartwells) can meet any dining need -- from box lunches for a few people to served meals for hundreds.  A menu guideline highlighting some options can be found at under Catering.  Please note, menu prices may be subject to state taxes and applicable administrative fee.

Final guarantees are due 3 business days prior to the catered event date.  Group will be billed for the guarantee number or the actual number, whichever is greater.  Although the University’s food service provider (Chartwells) cannot guarantee food and beverage beyond the guarantee, effort will be made to try to accommodate as best as possible.

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